The basics of web production. How do you make it?

If you are watching this blog, you are all watching the Web from your device.
In the first place, how is the web created?

In this article, I would like to tell you how the Web works roughly.
I would like to summarize it so that you can understand it to the extent that “Hmm, that’s right”.

What is the Web?

The Web is the World Wide Web. It’s different, but it’s also called the Internet.

In the world of the Internet, computers such as PCs, smartphones, home appliances, and automobiles are connected through a line.

There are various countries on the earth. There are borders, and it takes a lot of time and immigration to get there. But in the internet, anyone can quickly see websites around the world.
(Some countries have restrictions on browsing.)

I think that one of the charms of the web is that you can easily connect with people from all over the world.

I got off track, there’s a computer called a ‘Web server’ in the Internet.

This web server publishes a website and we are looking at it.

Web server

When you think of a ‘server’, you might think of a big computer in a room with no windows, but a laptop like you have can also be some kind of server.

A ‘server’ is a computer that provides some kind of service.

For example, a mail server is a server that provides the function of delivering mail, and a file server is a server with the function of managing and sharing files.

A Web server is a computer that has a function that allows people to see the web site that you created.

Specifically, it refers to a computer with web server software installed.

Well-known software include Apache, Nzinx, and IIS.

When you install these software, you can published a specific folder that on your computer.

If you place a web page in it, people in the world will be able to view it through the Internet.

Web page

This screen you are seeing now is called a web page.

Web pages are made of electronic files written in a programming language called HTML.

For example, it will be a file like this.


      <title>Name of this site</title>
      <h1>It's a headline.</h1>
      <a href="">This is a link. Jump to another web page.</a>

When you open HTML written like this in an Internet browser, it looks like this.

This page has headline(h1 tag) and paragraph(p tag) and link(a tag) from above.

When click the link, you can go to the other page.

In this way, web pages are connected in a mesh pattern in the internet world, and that is why it is called the Web (spider’s nest).


For the time being, this is how the Web works.

If nothing is done, web page will be boring. But you can deecorate with other programming language called ‘CSS’. And can add movement with ‘Javascript’.

As for the basic way of writing HTML, Tell me! How to write HTML is summarized, so please see here as well.

If you want to know about CSS, Tell me! How to write CSS.

If you want to know about Javascript, Tell me! How to write Javascript.


  • The Web is the internet world.
  • Web server publishes web pages in the Internet.
  • Web pages are written in HTML.
  • Web pages are interconnected like spider nests.


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